MUALA motions on AUCC/Access Copyright model license deal & Library and Archives Canada

The following motions were passed at MUALA’s AGM of May 14, 2012:

Regarding the AUCC/Access Copyright model license, and McMaster University’s stated intention to sign on to the model license deal:

  • Whereas a balanced approach to copyright, in which the interests of creators and users of literary and artistic works receive equal recognition, is in the fundamental interest of society;
  • And whereas Access Copyright has proposed an unbalanced tariff before the Copyright Board of Canada to cover the reproduction of copyrighted works at post-secondary institutions that imposes unreasonable fees, restrictions and surveillance on the university and college community;
  • And whereas AUCC and Access Copyright have entered into a model copyright licensing agreement for the reproduction and use of works at post-secondary institutions that substantially resembles the tariff before the Copyright Board of Canada;
  • And whereas AUCC has withdrawn its objections to the proposed Access Copyright tariff before the Copyright Board of Canada;

Be it resolved:

  • THAT MUALA condemns the failure of AUCC to represent the interests of the academic community with respect to copyright generally and Access Copyright in particular; and
  • THAT MUALA urges McMaster University to reconsider their intention to enter into the model AUCC/Access Copyright licensing agreement and instead to build a better system of knowledge creation and sharing based on fair dealing, open access publishing, open access course material and site licensing.

Regarding the Library and Archives Canada situation:

  • Whereas Library and Archives Canada is a crucial national institution which acquires and preserves documents relevant to Canada’s cultural and historical heritage;
  • Whereas Library and Archives Canada has a mandate to collect, preserve and make public a unified national collection;
  • Whereas services and resources of LAC are used by a large and diverse group including the general public, librarians, historians, professional writers, students, genealogists, Aboriginal communities, as well as researchers and scholars from virtually every discipline;
  • Whereas current management at Library and Archives Canada has implemented changes that are having far-reaching implications; including reduced public access, decentralization of the national collection, elimination of specialist positions, and reduced acquisitions; and,
  • Whereas the Canadian Association of University Teachers has launched a campaign to “Save Library and Archives Canada” ( which calls for clarification in the LAC mandate, adequate funding, restoration of acquisitions and public services, and the cessation of defragmentation of the national collection;

Be it resolved:

  • THAT MUALA endorses the Save Library and Archives Canada campaign.
  • THAT MUALA circulates materials and the website.
  • THAT MUALA members be encouraged to send letters to Heritage Minister James Moore through the campaign website.
  • THAT MUALA will send a letter to Heritage Minister James Moore.