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MUALA Response to LMC Meeting of September 6, 2011 action item from agenda item #4

In response to the morale issue action item from the September 6, 2011 Labour Management Committee meeting:

Action: Nick Ruest would bring forward to MUALA members the offer from Jeff Trzeciak to meet with individual librarians as an attempt to start rebuilding trust and discuss strategies for improving morale and communication. Nick Ruest will also solicit ideas to improve morale from the MUALA membership. Jeff Trzeciak will await Nick Ruest’s response.

The MUALA membership passed the following motion in response:

MUALA members state that given that we have a long standing motion of non-confidence in the University Librarian, and given that we’ve undertaken a review of the University Librarian that we have submitted to the President and Provost, and given that the President and Provost have established a review of the University Library, we would prefer to defer any meetings with the subject of morale until the University Library Review is completed, afterwhich we anticipate meeting with the University Librarian in a structured and mediated format.